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Rock Balancing




    Metaphysics, Spirituality, and Astrology always felt at home to me.  As long as I can remember I could see, hear, and know things before it happened. My curiousness about God and spirituality was a major focal point in my life. Being raised as a Buddhist and born to an eastern culture my path was set before me even though I didn’t understand what my mission would be in this life.  

    As a mystic and seeker of Divine consciousness, I began the journey of the self - traveling to sacred sites, studying with teachers and healers from all over the world for the last 20 years - to understand myself more and heal the old traumas was an important quest in my personal life to move forward. From this space many doors opened and reactivated my healing gifts, psychic abilities, and memories of many lifetimes as a healer and teacher. Knowing my purpose and mission has allowed me to continue to grow inward, so that I am able to assist, guide, and transform your life with love, compassion, and understanding for your personal growth.


   As a result of co-creating together, you will instantly receive guidance, feel lighter, gain clarity, and have the confidence to move forward with peace and freedom. Your growth is my growth.





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