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Soul Readings


As a healer and gifted psychic I am able to intuitively connect with your energy through your voice. My spiritual guides and angels create an open safe space for us to connect thus allowing me to see the hidden layers that need to be uncovered. If you’re at a crossroads in your career, relationships, transitions or just looking for clarity, Soul Readings will provide you with concrete direction and answers for you to move forward instantly with confidence.



Transformation Coaching


This Is designed to help you break old patterns and rewire your subconscious mind to create an authentic connection with source, your relationships, and with YOU. I will help you unleash your gifts and purpose through specific processes that are created and downloaded personally for your highest evolution and success.



3-6-12 month programs

Are available for a deeper soul immersion customized to create the highest level of spiritual, emotional, and healing support that allows you to fully embody and connect to your true inner power.

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In my sessions there are different techniques that I am guided to use to remove the blocks, traumas, and obstacles in the energy field of the body. Quantum Healing, Kwan Yin Reiki, Angel Therapy, and Divine Light Channeling will be intuitively used for your personal healing and transformation.  

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