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Lesa’s a nurturer as well as a strong being who will prevent you from feeding into people’s negative patterns.  She always maintains an elevated consciousness no matter what is going on and she uplifts people to a higher consciousness alongside herself.
She helped me remember the truth -  We are Divine beings having a human experience. God loves me. Always to turn to the Divine. Love myself.



My experience working with Lesa has been extraordinary. She helped me activate my heart space to become a compassionate leader, friend and daughter. Her  presence is so warm and caring that it is very easy to be vulnerable with her. She cleared traumas, limitations and habitual patterns out of my space so I am freer to live a liberated life.



I was really stuck before I met Lesa. 
Within the first few hours and working with Lesa help me dissolve some of the things that were holding me back. She help me uncover old beliefs when I was a child and unleash a whole new side of me that empowered to move forward with my passions in life. With our ongoing work together she contributed my own personal guidance to others as well. For anybody who want to fulfill their potential come see Lesa and you won't regret it!



"Lesa has the ability to find common ground, to create heartfelt connection. She fully enters into your world to aid, guide, support in whatever way is needed. I came away with the sense of being reminded of what I had forgotten. Thank you, Lesa!"

- Susie Massard


"Wow, what a wonderful session Lesa just gave me! I liked how she started it with meditation allowing both of us to fully relax and center ourselves. She is very good at pointing out the core places that could use healing and is very well tuned in to higher guidance, giving practical tools to remedy and change old patterns that no longer serve. She does her whole session with so much grace and love, I felt seen, validated, heard, confident in moving forward in the directions of my dreams. I was able to let go of a disturbing conflict. Afterwards I felt sooo much better. The anxiety I had that day was lifted. I highly recommend her. She is a true gem and has a lot to offer. ❤️❣️❤️"

- Monika Summerfield, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


"I still need some time to work with what she gave me, but after my first session with Lesa I can say that she did nail some core issue-points in me and even though my outside world seems to shouting at me to JUMP and try to do 10,000 things at once, I trust her advice to take things easy and trust. Just that is a big help for right now, and I have a sense that she is right that it will lead to things turning out right in the longer term."

- Steve Christie

"I had a wonderful session with Lesa today! She was very straight forward and knew what I was thinking before I even said anything. I will definitely be following her suggestions, and would recommend others to speak with her if they are in doubt about anything. Thanks again!"

- Lisa Nelson


"Today I had a mini session with Lesa. She was right on the money. As to what is going on with me and suggestion how to help myself…. Funny thing is I started to do is what she suggested a few days ago not knowing exactly what I was doing. Now I have clarity. Lesa Rocks!"

- David Tilove

"Lesa was beyond what I can imagined. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your amazing words. Your insights was amazing and I literally cannot thank you enough. You brought me understanding, comfort, confidence I could go on and on. I will be following up with Lesa to give her my outcome when it happens. Thank you again and again". 

- Shannon 

"Such a good reading! She was really able to tune into the details of my situation. Lesa is definitely a favorite psychic of mine now".;o) 

- Lucy

"Lesa was amazing. Her reading calm me and she was able to tune into me right away. What I love most about her reading was her positive voice, her truth, her honest reading to me made me feel the truth. I would definitely recommend her bc she will be honest with you and give you an honest reading. I keep saying honest, bc thats exactly how I felt about her. Can't wait to call her again! ";)

- Jackie

" Lesa's reading was so in tune with what I was thinking and feeling! I'm so excited to see how things go this week. I  will definitely call her back". 


"Very compassionate and totally in tune with my life and situation"

- Ryan 

"Lesa was very kind and helpful  and I would recommend her to anyone"


"Lesa is amazing! Glad to have crossed paths with her. She is highly intuitive and her 

insights are on point. She is able to guide you and give you the clarity you need to move forward.

Whether you're in need of intuitive coaching or intuitive sessions. Lesa will leave you feeling empowered after each session". 

         -Maggie Berberian 

"Lesa Ferguson is truly a professional. She is passionate and honest about the work she does. As one of her clients I can attest

that she is incredibly gifted spiritually and in tune with the divine. She has helped me become aware of a lot of areas of my life

that needed attention in which helped me grow and this on going journey has been well worth it. Highly recommended!"

-Khit (28)

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